"Anthony's Drum Kit" is the name of a drum kit that is used and owned by Anthony Mingoia.

History Edit

Sometime after the band Patent Pending had formed and started releasing some songs. Drummer Anthony Mingoia contacted Truth Custom Drums to have a drum kit made for him, it is unknown what kind of drums he had been using before this one.

Equipment Edit

The kit is a custom made kit with a blue glitter wrap and pink hardware.

The hardware is from Tama and DW Drums for cymbals. On top of the hi-hat stand Anthony likes to keep a green rubber duck with Patent Pending markings on it, it was mentioned that he aquired it at a show in the UK but it is unknown who it came from.

On the bass drum is Patent Pending's logo from the "I'm Not Alone" album.

As for the snares, Anthony uses a few custom snares which he built by himself.

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